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Amanda's Column

Ridge Runners

~ Continued ~

It seems every week one will go on by. And I never know if it's the real thing or another Ridge Runner. The forecast will often show a good percentage of participation throughout the week, but the dilemma is do I go ahead and water all my berry bushes or wait and see if it'll rain? All too often I put off watering because the chance of rain looks so darn promising. But off it goes along the ridge and we get nothing, while Eminence or Ellington gets poured on! You know, all those town folk who have garden hoses and a water pump; they get the rain! I've watched the radar too! A big green and yellow blob will be heading right for us, but as soon as it reaches our valley, it shifts and skirts around us, or simply breaks up and disappears. However, it seems when I don't take the weather app seriously and I spend half my day watering everything, we get a nice downpour that very night or the following day. It's most frustrating!

Last week we sort of had the same thing happen. So many ridge runners went by with not a drop of rain to be had. I'd gotten behind in keeping my kitchen and bath water barrel full and my laundry water barrels had been dry for quite awhile. Whenever I needed to do laundry, we had to make trips to the creek to haul water up.

So Doug offered to set up our friend Steve's water pump with my help so we could fill all barrels and water tanks. We'd had a 90% chance of rain nearly that entire week, but by Saturday, with no more than some spits of rain, we decided to pump on Monday. The reason we don't pump unless we have to is because it tends to take several hours to get all the hoses lined up and attached, the pump hauled down, hooked up AND running and all barrels and tanks ready.

This time it ended up taking us two days to get everything working the way it should. One thing after another seemed to keep happening with the pump or a hose. But even with all that work and frustration, it's worth the near 1,000 gallons of water that are pumped up near the cabin in the matter of a half-hour! We fill just about anything that holds water when we do end up pumping. I even fill both ringer washers to have ready for the next day.

Wouldn't you know it after all that, we got over two inches of rain that night. But hey...at least I didn't have to fuss with my buckets this time. And the berry bushes that did survive me not watering them for so long are now very happy. They do soooo much better after a rain than me hand watering them with creek water. Just goes to show how God's work far outshines our own feeble attempts with things.

Shannon County Minutes

Jeff called the meeting to order Monday, August 20th, 2018 at 9:00 a.m.

Members Present: Jeff Cowen, Presiding Commissioner

Dale Counts, Northern Commissioner

Herman Kelly, Southern Commissioner

Shelly McAfee, County Clerk

Members Absent:

Visitors: Matt Lloyd, Chris Young, John Minnichs and Steven Privette

Commission approved the run-ons and abates to the personal and real estate property valuations prepared by the Assessor's office. (D-Y, H-Y J-Y)

Commission approved the invoices presented for payment. (D-Y, H-Y J-Y)

Commission received grader bids from Fabick Caterpillar and Murphy Tractor.

Herman motions to table the bid award until Monday, August 27th. Dale seconds the motion. Motion carries with all in favor. (D-Y, H-Y, J-Y)

Herman motions to approve the sole lighting bid from White Electric for the 2018 Missouri Department of Economic Development Energy/Lighting Grant. Dale seconds the motion. Motion carries with all in favor. (D-Y, H-Y J-Y)

Dale motions to re-appoint Verlon Thompson to serve on the Shannon County Senior Citizens' Services Fund Board. Herman seconds the motion. Motion carries with all in favor. (D-Y, H-Y, J-Y) No motion was made to re-appoint Roy Akers to the board, therefore he is removed from the board. A letter will be sent to notify the board of these actions.

John Minnich was present to discuss the physical addressing and to request his address revert back to the old address as he is having difficulties receiving packages from Fed-Ex. He states the new physical address does not work with any GPS device. He does not want the ambulance service and does not need the fire department service as he lives too far out of town. He does not see any benefit in having the physical addressing as it only causes him trouble with his mail. Commission explained the new addresses have not been uploaded to Google or the GPS companies yet. They also explained the postal service will only honor the old addresses for a period of one year only. They stated the new addresses were needed for any new telephone or satellite services, updating drivers licenses, banking loans and various other requirements for the citizens in the county.

Dale motions to approve the minutes of August 13th, 2018. Herman seconds the motion. Motion carries with all in favor. (D-Y, H-Y J-Y)

Being no further business, Herman motions to adjourn the meeting at 12:15 p.m. Dale seconds the motion. Motion carries with all in favor. (D-Y, H-Y J-Y)

The next meeting will be held Monday, August 27th, 2018 at 9:00 a.m., county courtroom, first floor of the courthouse.

Eminence School Board

Winona Senior Citizens News

Play BINGO at the Winona Senior Center Wed. March 28th at 12 noon. Fun & everyone wins a prize!

Eminence City Board Meeting News

Shannon County Food Pantry




Teresa Patterson, Employee at JASPER ENGINES & TRANSMISSIONS,

presents Tressa Price, Executive Director Of Agape House Inc. of

Mountain View, with a check in the amount of $2206.

Employees raised $1103 from their "Pie in the Eye" fund raiser in

August 2018 and JASPER matched their funds.



Jon Boat Rides and Big Spring Historic District Open House

From Ozark National Scenic Riverways

Join us for modern jon boat rides and an open house in the Big Spring Historic District on Saturday, September 8, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Visitors can enjoy a brief excursion on the Current River with a skilled local guide, departing from the boat dock in front of the Big Spring Dining Lodge. Several rooms of the lodge, the nearby commissary building, and one of the historic cabins will be open for visitors to view during this event. Park staff will provide tours of these historic structures, which were constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s. This program is free of charge and all are invited.

Traditional Ozark float trips conducted by local guide services provided opportunities for many early visitors to experience the clear, pristine waters of the Current and Jacks Fork rivers. Wooden, handcrafted jon boats once played a major role in Ozark life and the growth of tourism along the rivers. Ozark residents used jon boats for logging, hunting, gigging, trapping, running trot lines and fish traps. Local entrepreneurs organized businesses to outfit and guide boating excursions after the establishment of the state parks. Jon boat rides were offered at Big Spring near the Big Spring Lodge into the 1980's. These scenic river rides are a fond memory for many. Today, modern aluminum jon boats provide an opportunity for many to enjoy the rivers in much the same way.

Planning for the restoration of the Big Spring Dining Lodge and Cabins is currently underway, and work to rehabilitate these beloved buildings is expected to begin in 2020. The architectural style of the buildings features local stone and timber construction, adding a unique rustic charm to the area. During the open house, visitors can learn about the work of Civilian Conservation Corps at Big Spring.

Big Spring Lodge is located four miles south of Van Buren, Missouri, on State Route 103. Because the Big Spring Bridge is currently closed for construction, visitors should stay on State Route 103 to reach the Big Spring Lodge. For more information, call Park Ranger Cathy Runge at 573-323-4806 or cathy_runge@nps.gov; visit the park's Facebook page, or website at www.nps.gov/ozar.

Ozark National Scenic Riverways preserves the free-flowing Current and Jacks Fork Rivers, the surrounding natural resources, and the unique cultural heritage of the Ozark people.

Photo Caption: Jon boat rides were once a popular attraction near the Big Spring Lodge.

Tuesday Night

Mostly clear, with a low around 69. Southeast wind around 6 mph becoming calm in the evening.


A 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms after 1pm. Mostly sunny, with a high near 89. Calm wind becoming south around 6 mph in the morning.

Wednesday Night

Mostly cloudy, with a low around 69.


A 40 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms after 1pm. Partly sunny, with a high near 85.

Thursday Night

A chance of showers and thunderstorms before 1am. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 69.


Showers likely and possibly a thunderstorm after 1pm. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 86.

Friday Night

A chance of showers and thunderstorms. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 68.


A chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 83.

Saturday Night

A chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 67.


A chance of showers. Partly sunny, with a high near 84.

Summersville Bookends

Shannon County Health Department Calendar


Monday, Sept. 10: Immunizations, blood draws, blood pressures, blood sugar screenings

Tuesday, Sept.11: WIC (by appointment only), immunizations

Wednesday, Sept. 12: At Birch Tree Pioneer Baptist Church--WIC (by appt. only) & immunizations

Monday, Sept. 17: Immunizations, blood draws, blood pressures, blood sugar screenings

Tuesday, Sept. 18: WIC (by appointment only), immunizations

Wednesday, Sept. 19: At Birch Tree Pioneer Baptist Church--WIC (by appt. only) & immunizations

Monday, Sept. 24: Diabetes nutrition class with Robin Harwell (call our office for time), immunizations, blood draws, blood pressures, blood sugar screenings

Tuesday, Sept. 25: WIC (by appt. only), immunizations; blood pressures at Winona Senior Center at 11:30 am

Wednesday, Sept. 26: WIC (by appointment only), immunizations

Baby Announcements

Newborns In Need Ozark Chapter

Snow, wind, chilly nights, cold cars, homes without heat. Babies are being rushed to grandmas or daycare in the rain or snow. As adults, cold, damp and uncomfortable are feelings we fix with a coat, scarf or more sweaters. Newborns who struggle to hold body heat, feel no different, but they can't tighten their scarf, pull their hat down, reach for an extra blanket.

We, Newborns In Need, are doing that for them, in the best way we know how. You help by providing a warm sleeper or sleep sack to insure no matter what the circumstances they can stay warm and comfortable.

Newborns In Need, (NIN), Ozark Chapter will collect new, unused sleepers in sizes 0-12 months during its annual Sleeper In September clothing drive. Additional baby clothing and care items are also welcome. Monitary contributions to help in the purchase of material would be welcome. We can use yarn as several members knit or crochet. Our area continues to have many babies needing our help to stay clothed and warm. Any donations stay locally.

The Ozark NIN chapter is among more than 60 chapters across the United States. Founded in 1992, NIN is a 501 ( C ) 3 charity that responds to the needs of premature and newborn babies whose parents are experiencing a crisis situation and have difficulty providing the necessary items for their babies., NIN chapters also provide bereavement items for those parents experiencing an unexpected death of a newborn., Our chapter donates between 200 to 400 baby items each month. These items are made by a group of 8-10 volunteers. NIN's guiding principle is "One Heart, One Mission; Serving All God's Children." You may contact Jeanne Roles, 417-247-1479 to arrange for any donation to be picked up.



Young Illustrator Holds Book Signing Saturday

Young Grace Obenhause of Potosi will read from her first book this coming Saturday at the Raymondville Volunteer Fire Department's 5th Annual Festival of Yesteryear. The eighteen-year-old artist will be signing The Pastel Pets of Ms. Patty Pummill, a picture book that shares the adventures of a young girl with some new challenges.

Ms. Obenhause will also be sharing a booth with the Ozark Heritage Project. OHP will have it's vintage 1947 wooden johnboat and ol' time river camp. This includes an old ice-box and cook box. All who purchase one of her books will be entered in a drawing for prizes.

Grace will be onsite the entire day of the festival, beginning at 9:00 AM and going through 5:00 PM. During that time, visitors can purchase this wonderful story appropriate for all ages for only $10 and get it signed and personalized. The book is the first of a seven book series, all dealing with the challenges faced by many of our youth and all including scripture and extended enrichment activities. Several times throughout the day Grace will be reading from the stage accompanied by her siblings who will be acting out action from the book.

Grace will be joined at the booth with old river guides who were once part of the local river guide business. Other books by the book's author, Rick Mansfield; will also be available for sale as well. These include Kids, Crafts & Christ~A Collection of Games and Things; A Riverman's Legacy and Other Ozark Tales along with his first novelÑThe Elk Killings.



New law reforms Missouri's Crime Victims' Compensation Program to simplify application process and allow more victims to receive assistance

House Bill 1355 includes the most sweeping changes to Missouri Crime Victims' Compensation Program in more than a decade

A law reforming Missouri's Crime Victims' Compensation Program to make it simpler for victims to apply for assistance and which expands eligibility for compensation took effect Tuesday, Aug. 28. The changes include allowing victims more time to report the crimes committed against them and removing a cap on payments for counseling services provided to victims.

"These changes will significantly ease the burden victims must meet in order to apply for compensation and make more people eligible to receive reimbursement for the expenses they experience as a result of crime," said Sandra K. Karsten, Acting Director of the Department of Public Safety. "The department's Crime Victims' Compensation Program employees have been trained on the changes and have already implemented them to better serve crime victims."

The changes to Missouri's Crime Victims' Compensation program are a result of House Bill 1355, which includes the following changes:

Provides victims more time to report their crime by eliminating the requirement that the crime be reported within 48 hours.

-Allows compensation claims for continuing expenses to be paid beyond the previous three-year limit.

-Eliminates the requirement that victim application forms be notarized.

-Victims can now meet the requirement to report the crime through alternate methods. Also, sworn statement indicating the applicant believes he or she is a victim of domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, human trafficking or stalking and fears further violent acts from his or her assailant is now acceptable in lieu of other records.

- Eliminates previous $2,500 maximum payment per claim on expenses related to psychological or counseling expenses.

- Eliminates $50 minimum in expenses for a claim to be filed; eliminates $250 maximum loss for compensation for property seized by police as part of the crime investigation; and eliminates the requirement that applicants for reimbursement of lost wages must have missed at least two continuous weeks of employment.

- Allows victims who have previously been convicted of felony crimes to qualify for assistance. (Formerly, crime victims who had earlier been convicted of two felony crimes in the past 10 years, one or both of which involved violence or illegal drugs, were not eligible for compensation.)

The Crime Victims' Compensation program caps benefits at a maximum of $25,000 and does not include payments for pain or suffering. The CVC program is a payer of last resort; it considers out- of-pocket losses and expenses not covered by other sources, including insurance, worker's compensation, public assistance like Medicaid or Medicare, paid sick or annual leave, restitution or civil lawsuits.

The CVC program utilizes both federal and state funds. The federal funding source is the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grant, which is funded through fines and penalties paid by offenders. State funding utilizes fees and judgments assessed by state and municipal courts.

More information is available on the Missouri Crime Victims' Compensation homepage: https://dps.mo.gov/dir/programs/cvc/


To all those owning or having possession of stock certificates for


Steps are now being taken to dissolve and terminate the Corporation, which means you could be entitled to payment for your share of the value of the assets in liquidation. If you wish to receive the amount available corresponding to the number of shares you own, and your shares have not already been registered as indicated, please do the following:

1. Send or deliver a copy, front and back, of your stock certificates to Neal Law Firm, P.O. Box 398, Eminence, MO 65466;

2. Provide the name, address, and phone number of the current owner; and

3. Provide an explanation of how you acquired possession or ownership of the shares if your interest is different from the person to whom the stock certificates were originally issued.

If you are the owner of any shares of stock and have not provided the Neal Law Firm with the information requested by OCTOBER 1, 2018, it will be assumed you are not interested in receiving any distribution of funds from the Corporation in liquidated, your shares will be permanently forfeited and rendered invalid, and the corporation will be dissolved and terminated without your participation.

If you have any questions about this Notice or your rights as a shareholder, you may call Alice at 573-226-3236, or any member of the Board of Directors of the Corporation.

Publish dates: September 3, 10, 17, 24, 2018



Harvest and Dry Flowers for Year-round Enjoyment

By Melinda Myers

Enjoy your flower garden's beauty all year long. Harvest and dry a few flowers to use in flower arrangements, craft projects or as gifts for friends and family.

Pick the flowers when they are at peak bloom and blossoms are dry. Cut flowers for drying mid-day when they contain less moisture in order to reduce the dry time.

Use a bypass pruner or scissors to cut the stems. Remove the foliage and gather them into small bundles. Secure the stems with rubber bands that contract as the stems shrink and continue holding them tight. Use a spring-loaded clothespin to hang the bundles from a hanger, clothes line or nail. Allow the flowers to dry in a warm, dark, dust-free location.

Flat-faced flowers like daisies tend to close a bit when dried upside down. Try laying them face down on a flat surface. Simply cut off the stem and place the flowers face down on newspaper in a warm, dry location. Once dried, you can glue them in place or use florist wire to create stems for arranging.

And don't forget to pick a few seedpods from perennials and ornamental grasses. These have dried, for the most part, on the plants and make great additions to your dried flower arrangements and projects.

Consider taking a trip to your local florist or craft store for more ideas and materials for drying delicate flowers. Silica sand works well for delicate blossoms like iris as well as roses, mums and more. Simply fill the bottom inch of a container with silica sand. Remove all but an inch of the flower stem. Place the flower, stem side up or on its side, on the surface of the silica sand. Gently pour silica sand over the flowers until completely covered. Follow label directions. Most flowers dried this way maintain their beauty when dried in the silica sand. Just use a small paint brush to gently remove any remaining sand.

Test flowers for dryness before putting them in an arrangement or storing for future use. Carefully rub a piece of the flower between your fingers. If it feels dry it is ready to use. If it still feels moist, continue letting them dry.

Store extra dried flowers in a location with low humidity and away from direct sunlight. Consider wrapping with newspaper or kraft paper to prevent crushing and place in a box until needed.

Whichever drying method you choose, the result is the same Ð year-round enjoyment of your garden's beauty.

Melinda Myers is the author of more than 20 gardening books and is the host of The Great Courses' How to Grow Anything DVD series. Her website, www.MelindaMyers.com, offers gardening tips and videos.

Eminence School Board

Eminence Library News

New Eminence Public Library Hours: Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday, 1:00-4:00 p.m. Location: Courthouse First Floor.


City Council Board Meeting



Letters to the Editor!

Dear Editor,

I am submitting this letter to get the truth out to voters who might not hear it any other way. There is so much deception in our politics right now that it is frightening how many people will believe anything just because they do not want to research and find out the truth. This letter tells the truth. I would greatly appreciate you help in publishing it.


The majority -- according to Josh Hawley and the GOP, they use deceptive scare tactics to manipulate clueless white voters. Trump did not receive a a majority of votes, even with friend Putin's interference. The defective electoral College often allows the MINORITY to rule in direct betrayal of democracy - detrimental to America.

That risky "way of life" means $2 trillion in rich guy tax cuts, paid for by attacks on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and SNAP, whose recipients they consider inferiors. Pro-life does not mean pro-child, since 1 in 4 children will suffer from those cuts.

It means isolating America from our allies, and kidnapping children seeking asylum. Abusers always isolate their victims. It means a rigged, untrustworthy Supreme Court that has already damaged the Voting Rights Act to allow aggressive purging of minority voters.

It means masking evil with religion, denying contraception, freedom of speech and religious freedom to women -- all due to the declining white birth rate and fear whites will become a minority -- white victim-hood.

Included is squandering taxpayer money on extravagant lifestyles for GOP politicians, cabinet members, and all those Trumps, bankrupting and betraying America.

Who exactly is profiting form this "way of life?" Not you--unless you are rich, white, and want your religious beliefs dictated to you by Trump's white supremacist evangelical "GREAT" America. Not you -- unless you are Josh Hawley hoping to be senator even though the Missouri Ethics Commission disclosed he took $4.5 million from a Missouri businessman billionaire and his family.

Loss of balance in our government is destroying democracy. Show rich GOP oligarchs you are not a clueless white voter they can manipulate. A vote for a Democrat is a vote for democracy. Your vote is your future -- democracy, or dictatorship with a bankrupt America?

Jan Lancaster

Springfield, MO

Dear Editor,

Re: Godless America

The top U.S. Senate Democrat is afraid that President Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court might be inclined to favor reversal of Roe v. Wade. He and some of his fellow colleagues, want to continue the killing of innocent unborn babies, which is a terribly inhumane act that goes against God's laws.

They speak of Judge Kavanaugh being tainted, while they are dripping with the blood of the innocent babies being teared out of women by the thousands every day.

That is how sick and ungodly America has become. We have judges, senators, and congress members who disobey God and His Ten Commands and statutes. Eventually that will bring the wrath of God upon America.

It is a disgrace that they are elected to public offices and placed in judgeships in America. They support same-sex marriage and other sex related abominations which are destroying American families.

Manuel Ybarra, Jr.

Coalgate, OK


Eminence Area Senior Citizens News

EHS Alumni News

by: Pearl Bunch Edgar

Winona Minutes

Board of Aldermen Meeting

August 9, 2018

The meeting of the City Council of Winona, Missouri, was called to order at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 9, 2018 by the Mayor Adam Ipock, in the City Hall at 8488 Ash Street. On roll call, the following members were present:

Margaret Akers, Bill Brawley, Kerah Dickson (Absent), Adam Ipock, Carl McIntire, Jimalee Sartin

Also present was ÐMandy Brown-City Clerk, Tom Bissell-City Supervisor, Bud Pierce, Charlotte Norton

Business Portion


A motion to waive the reading of the minutes and accept the meeting minutes from July 11, 2108, July 12, 2018, and July 30, 2018 was made by Carl McIntire and seconded by Gary Plunk.

AYES: 5- Akers, Brawley, McIntire, Plunk, Sartin


ABSENT: 1- Dickson


A motion was made to pay all the accounts payable by Carl McIntire and seconded by Gary Plunk.

AYES: 5- Akers, Brawley, McIntire, Plunk, Sartin


ABSENT: 1- Dickson


Bill number 2018-007 (net metering ordinance) title was read.

A discussion was held concerning the ordinance and Bud Pierce, from Shine Solar, answered questions concerning the ordinance and safety.


Resolution number 2018-007 (budget resolution # 5) title was read. The budget changes were discussed.

A motion was made to accept resolution number 2018-007 by Bill Brawley and seconded by Carl McIntire.

AYES: 5- Akers, Brawley, McIntire, Plunk, Sartin


ABSENT: 1- Dickson

Public Portion


Charlotte spoke with the Aldermen concerning her situation with an ex-parte and the officers handling of the situation.

The police department was discussed.


Tom Bissell discussed Well #5. He advised the council that the well has been pumping muddy water since the Thursday before. The contract was discussed.

Tom Bissell advised the Aldermen that the new meter is working and would like to know if they would like him to order another one for the other business. This issue was discussed and the Aldermen advised him to order another one.

Tom Bissell advised that the new employee is working.

Tom Bissell advised that the playground equipment has come in and that there will need to be some additional materials needed. Mandy Brown advised that Alicia Gordon will contact Tom and speak to him about this. The issue was discussed. The Aldermen stated to wait to pay the invoice for the playground equipment until someone speaks with the Park Board.

Aldermen Plunk advised that if the worker on call wants to take a city vehicle home then they can. Tom Bissell advised that several years ago when this was offered to the workers they didn't want to do this because it would leave them without a personal vehicle at home.

Mayor Ipock brought up the pay for Charlie Brewer.

A motion was made to pay Charlie Brewer $10.00/hr. with a possible raise after 90 days by Margaret Akers and seconded by Jimalee Sartin.

AYES: 5- Akers, Brawley, McIntire, Plunk, Sartin


ABSENT: 1- Dickson


Mayor Ipock discussed the city paying for the trash pickup of the individuals with just two bags. This issue will be brought up at the next meeting after more research is completed.

Mayor Ipock brought up Kristal Derryberry and her not following the ordinance (skirting around the trailer). This was discussed.

Mayor Ipock brought up Ricky Montgomery and his place of business (messy). This was discussed.

Mayor Ipock discussed talking with SCOCOG and John Burglin.

Mayor Ipock was interested in the cost of the land at the industrial park. This was discussed.

The interviews for the lineman position were discussed and it was determined to hold off on them and it will be discussed at the next meeting.

The tornado sirens were discussed and getting a handheld unit for it.


Mandy Brown advised that Chief Guidry had spoken with her concerning the things he would like to be discussed. Mandy Brown advised the Aldermen that Dustin Lyon has resigned and his last day will be August 12. Chief Guidry would like to move Rex Churchill to full time and place Justin Brumble as a part time officer. These items were discussed and will be brought up at the next meeting.


Mandy Brown advised the Aldermen that $198,735.66 needs to be moved from Capital Improvements to Street/Transportation because the Motor Vehicle sales tax is restricted to use for streets only.

Mandy Brown advised the Aldermen that the calculations have been made to pay back the 9 former employees back for the LAGERS.

A motion was made to payback the LAGERS amounts by Gary Plunk and seconded by Margaret Akers.

AYES: 5- Akers, Brawley, McIntire, Plunk, Sartin


ABSENT: 1- Dickson

Mandy Brown advised the Aldermen that $49,640.68 can be moved from Solid Waste to General Revenue. The Aldermen at this time decided that the money wasn't going to be moved.

The time clock procedure was discussed.

Sewer and Police Department payroll was discussed. The Aldermen advised to use those accounts for as much as possible then use General Revenue for any amount not covered within those accounts.

Mandy Brown advised the Aldermen that the reconnect fees for 2016 and the first part of 2018 have been calculated.

A motion was made to not repay the reconnect fee for 2016, 2017, and the beginning 2018 by Margaret Akers and seconded by Bill Brawley.

AYES: 5- Akers, Brawley, McIntire, Plunk, Sartin


ABSENT: 1- Dickson

A motion was made at 9:05 p.m. to move to closed session per RSMO 610.021 (3, 13, and 19) by Gary Plunk and seconded by Margaret Akers.

AYES: 5- Akers, Brawley, McIntire, Plunk, Sartin


ABSENT: 1- Dickson

The meeting came back to open at 9:35 pm.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 9.40 pm by Bill Brawley and seconded by Margaret Akers.

AYES: 5- Akers, Brawley, McIntire, Plunk, Sartin


ABSENT: 1- Dickson


WHS Alumni News


Trail Cameras Open a Window to the World of Wildlife

Trail cameras have changed the way we hunt. Less than a decade ago, hunting consisted of hanging stands based on sign and hoping a buck would wander by. Now trail cameras capture pictures of elusive whitetails, clueing us in to what we may encounter in the woods. These time-stamped images help us decide where and when to hunt. Trail cameras have taken a lot of surprise out of the game.

Scouting still consists of spending time in the woods searching for sign, but now if you find a scrape line or a cluster of rubs you can hang a camera in hopes of capturing images of the bucks frequenting the area. These days, a lot of the excitement of laying your eyes on a buck comes when sitting behind a computer screen.

From a quality deer management standpoint, one of the most positive aspects of trail camera use is the ability to selectively harvest mature whitetails. A lot of hunters these days are establishing what they call a "hit list" of bucks to hunt each fall. Trail cameras let us know what deer are on our property and help in determining specific deer to hunt.

"On our hunting leases, we run multiple cameras all year long to know what deer are living on the properties. We want to know where deer are at different times of the year and we want to know which bucks made it through the previous hunting season. In late summer, we use the trail cameras to help us determine which deer we want to focus on once the season opens," said Aaron Oelger, a friend of mine who hunts in Howard County.

Trail cameras are for strategic use, but they are also a ton of fun. Every time you pop an SD card into the computer, you never know what is going to appear. The same camera could be picking up deer, turkey, bears, bobcats, mountain lions and more. It's the rarities and the awkward moments we capture on trail cameras that truly bring an element of childish excitement to the process of surveying your deer herd.

"Trail cameras have taken my deer hunting to a whole knew level. I'm engaged year-round, because I'm interested in knowing what goes on with the deer through the different seasons. Right now, I'm getting pictures of a doe and her fawns almost every day. It's so cool to watch them all interact, and it's just a ton fun," Oelger said.

Setting up trail cameras is a strategic process. In order to get the pictures you want, which likely are pictures of bucks, you need to set your cameras where the bucks will be at different times of the year. In the late stages of summer and early fall, the best place to get pictures of bucks is on their way to and from feeding areas. Setting up cameras over food sources and water holes is a perfect opportunity to capture quality images.

Trail cameras are both entertaining and educational. They allow you to keep tabs of the deer on your hunting ground, while adding another enjoyable aspect to your passion for hunting.

Trail cameras aren't only for hunters. Maybe you don't hunt but identify as a wildlife watcher. Setting up trail cameras is a great way to spy on wildlife in their world. You need to check specific regulations, but there are opportunities out there for you to set up trail cameras in where you might obtain some really interesting photographs of wildlife. Many of my favorite trail camera photos are not of deer, but other animals I've much less personal interaction with over my lifetime.

See you down the trail

Pic: You never know what may show up on a trail camera, like this bobcat prowling less than 100 yards from the author's cabin.


Ozark Spring Chapter

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution

The next monthly meeting of the Ozark Spring Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution will be held 2 p.m. Saturday, September 8th, in the Parish Hall of All Saints Episcopal Church, 107 Curry Street in West Plains.

Guest Speaker, Gladys Morris, President of the Harlin Museum, will present the program. The Harlin Museum is a non-profit, volunteer-run cultural center in the heart of the Missouri Ozarks.

It is not necessary to be a DAR member to attend DAR meetings. Any woman over the age of eighteen able to prove lineal descent from a Revolutionary War Patriot is eligible to join DAR and welcome to come and learn more about our organization.

For more information about Ozark Spring Chapter NSDAR and its programs, visit www.mssdar.org or contact Chapter Regent, Cindy Pirch at 417-629-4102 or Public Relations Chair, Sherri Jolliff at 417-274-7518.


Lawsuit Seeks to Overturn Attack on Public Workers

Seven public-sector unions file a lawsuit claiming HB 1413 is an unconstitutional overreach meant to weaken collective bargaining and workers’ rights

Seven labor organizations representing a broad range of public-sector employees, including teachers, patient care professionals, maintenance workers and some public safety employees, filed a lawsuit contesting the constitutionality of House Bill 1413 (HB 1413) and requesting injunctive relief. The legislation is aimed at destroying collective bargaining rights and lowering wages.

HB 1413 was part of a slew of unpopular, anti-labor measures signed into law by the then-governor Eric Greitens only hours before he resigned. Greitens signed this assault on employee rights along with a number of other bills like prevailing wage decreases and a measure moving so-called “right-to-work” to the August ballot, where it was overwhelmingly defeated.

Ultimately, the bill only serves to disrupt collective bargaining practices for public sector workers, like public school teachers. Among other things, it prohibits bargaining over most working conditions; allows employers to unilaterally change labor agreements; silences the voice of public employees from public debate; and creates unnecessary and burdensome bureaucratic hoops in order for unions represent their members. The law hurts their ability to bargain for better wages and working conditions and will lead to disastrous consequences for these workers and government services, like public education. State employee pay in Missouri already ranks last in the country.

“This is another attempt by legislators backed by corporate interests to attack our right to speak up about student needs, class-size, wages and benefits,” said Lori Sammelmann, an instructional coach in the Ferguson-Florissant school district. “Missouri teachers are already some of the lowest paid in the country. These lawmakers are out of touch with the actual realities and responsibilities we face as public school teachers and would rather silence us and undermine our ability to negotiate for better learning conditions and better pay, while simultaneously giving corporations and the wealthy more power in our political system.”

In addition, the law arbitrarily and selectively discriminates against certain types of public-sector employees. It exempts police, firefighters, and other public safety employees represented by a law enforcement or public safety union, but not those same employees if they are represented by a trade union. This is a purposeful effort to pit workers against each other in an attempt to attack collective bargaining, and will only undermine their ability to do their jobs and serve the public interest.

The law’s real purpose is to weaken and ultimately destroy public employees’ constitutional right of union representation. Missouri is only one of 4 states that expressly protects the right of collective bargaining in its state constitution. The lawsuit filed today asserts that HB 1413 violates that fundamental right.

Area Church News


Jack's Fork Country Church


September 1st already, but ready for some cool, fall weather!

We stood for the Pledge of Allegiance, and opening prayer.

Promise: John 6:31. Scripture: I John 5:11-12.

Communion was led by Allen Akers, inviting all believers.

Nancy Ray and the children studied about Joy today, a Fruit of the Spirit.

Prayers: Our regular prayer list, and Gene Rice, Sue Keeling, Mackie Redman, Nikki Watson, Cody Shaw, our military and families, and our country and leaders.

Tommy Boyd read from Galatians 5. Lord, what do you want me to do today? Vs. 16, Walk in the Spirit! We cannot live a godly Christian life without the Holy Spirit. We must not listen to the flesh inside of us which urges us to disobey God!

The Trinity is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. God created man in his own image. He sent His Son Jesus to save us! All three are always here, and we need to think more about the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit lives in us, He expresses displeasure when we sin! When you mess up, which we all do, God still loves you. Repent to Him and get right with God again! As many times as it takes!

When Jesus was resurrected and in Heaven, He asked God to send the Holy Spirit to help and guide us. John 14:26. The Holy Spirit is always there to teach us. It may be in a song that gets stuck in your head - listen! Or, through a person who comes into our life.

Noah told everyone to come to Jesus because there would be a terrible flood! They did not listen and they perished. Hear this lesson! There are signs that the end times and judgment day are nearing. Do not get left behind to face fire and brimstone!

The Holy Spirit points the way to Jesus' teachings and guides us to all truth. God is waiting for your invitation to be your guide, to keep you safe from demonic spirits!

We closed with prayer and song.


Black Pond

Birch Tree Assembly of God

Church Faith Tabernacle

Moment In The Word

Moment in the Word

Edwin Woolsey

So you honestly think things are getting better? Sadly, you do not realize what's happening!

Although unemployment is at a record low, wages are up, business and industry are reviving, better trade agreements are being brokered, GDP is soaring at 4.5%, and America's global prestige is higher than ever before; yet there seems to be some veiled disparity between sudden prosperity and chronic immorality. The problem is that this current phenomena does not fit God's pattern, "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth." 3 John 2

Contrary to the divine correlation between spiritual and material blessings, we witness our nation's utter free fall into moral depravity. Although there might suddenly be more money in our wallets, there is much less God in our hearts! Abominable perversion and lawlessness erode our country's ethical underpinning as Wall Street spikes. All the while, we eat, we drink, we buy, we sell, we plant, we build... oblivious to the looming firestorm of God's wrath. (Luke 17:28-29)

Confronted by our defiant unwillingness to repent, what is the significance of this fleeting revitalization of which we boast? Consider the parable of the unfruitful tree... "A certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard; and he came and sought fruit thereon, and found none. Then said he unto the dresser of his vineyard, Behold, these three years I come seeking fruit on this fig tree, and find none: cut it down; why cumbereth it the ground? And he answering said unto him, Lord, let it alone this year also, till I shall dig about it, and dung it: And if it bear fruit, well: and if not, then after that thou shalt cut it down." Luke 13:6-9

America cannot be healed or blessed apart from spiritual revival, "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." 2 Chron. 7:14 Thus, any brief respite is merely God "dunging the unfruitful tree." We are being mercifully tended for one final season. However, when Heaven's lenience fails to make the branches bud, blossom, and bear; then the old snag will be dug up by the roots and cast in the fire. Stoked hotter by greater condemnation for our delinquency, "how shall we escape if we neglect such a great salvation?" Hebrews 2:3

Rage and riot to your heart's content (Ps. 2:1-3), but this most assuredly is, "America's Last Trump!"

Area Church News

Eminence First Baptist Church
Website: www.fbceminence.org

"Therefore my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always excelling in the Lord's work, knowing that your labor in the Lord is not in vain" 1 Corinthians 15:58(HCSB). This is our scripture memory verse for the month of September. Break down the verse and apply it to your life, it is very eye opening. Doing for other people in the name of the Lord only testifies to His greatness. During the month of September we will be emphasizing our Missouri Missions Offering. Our week of Prayer for the state missions will be Sept. 16-23. We have a goal of $2000, envelopes are in the pew. To learn more, see mobaptist.org/mmo.

Coming up: September the 19th business meeting; the 22nd our annual meeting for Reynolds County Baptist Association; the 23rd Lord's Supper Celebration; the 26th See you at the Pole-Student led prayer before school day starts; the 30th 5th Sunday sing at the Christian Church. October 31st we will once again have the Trunk or Treat Outreach- start saving up your candy and think about how you want to decorate your car. We will also be doing Operation Christmas Child Shoebox again this year. Start collecting gift items for your shoebox.

Our birthday gals were Lisa Harig and Jalynn Chilton Wiggins. Jalynn was able to come home for the day to celebrate and I was thrilled to death to see her and by the way she is 34 years old. Alan Stringer and family are still our music team and doing an excellent job. Alan also brought our special music today, he has a great voice. Him and Darlynn and Sara are surely a blessing to our church. Speaking of blessing Marie Johnson has been playing the piano for us lately. She does a great job, thank you Marie and also thanks to Rose Perry for playing the organ. Have you ever tried to have a song service without a piano or organ. It really adds a lot to include both of them. Next week's breakfast will be brought to us by Kathy Mahan and in the nursery we will have Terri Wood and Becky Cooper.

Prayer list:Jonabeth Crider, Kaye Spurgin, Dick Kay, Wesley Gooding, Dixson family, Stephanie Caldwell, Kathryn Bressler, Bruce and Jade, Nikki Warren, Sam Rayfield, Dennis Walker, Sue Keeling, Rhonda and Royce, Brenda Gadberry, Firefighters out west, Wanda Pummil and Ron Callahan.

What sets a Christian apart from others, a very simple yet special aspect, LOVE! Jesus was clear that following him is not a political or power agenda. Following him is plain and simple LOVE and this is what makes Christianity unique. Love is the essential principle of the Christian faith, and Jesus is passionate that we show love for one another. May the passion of our lives and love for others be the invitation by which a watching world will know you are a Christian.

Join us for church on Sunday morning at 9:45 for Sunday School and 10:45 for worship service and then again on Sunday evening at 6:30.


Please join us Sundays at 11 one block west of the Highways 19/106 junction where our doors, hearts, and minds are always open.

Congratulations to Ashlin and Derek Brewer on the birth of their beautiful daughter, Griffin Copeland Brewer. Welcome, to our Christian Community, Griffin!

If you are able, please contribute what you can to the Blessing Box next to City Hall. With school starting, parents have had more expenses so money may be a little tight. And thank you to all who have contributed since it was first installed. Please keep in prayer all who are in need of healing, physically and spiritually.

The message this Sunday was "Holy Communion," appropriately for this Communion Sunday. The key verse was 1 Corinthians 11:26 "Every time you eat this bread and drink this cup, you are announcing the Lord's death until He comes again."

Holy Communion has several names: 1) The Lord's Supper because Jesus started it. 2) The Last Supper which was Christ's last night on earth. A traditional Hebrew Passover meal was eaten. 3) Holy Communion where churches recognizes Jesus is with us as well as those who have gone before us. 4) Eucharist which is giving thanks to Him. 5) Mass which is from the Latin word for mission, which is to prepare Christians to go out into the world with His message.

Receiving Communion is the physical act of receiving God's grace. Churches vary on who can celebrate Communion. Some require membership in good standing. The United Methodist welcomes everyone to participate through reverence and may be seeking and receiving God through Communion.

Churches may celebrate it daily, weekly, monthly, or only at certain times when their pastor deems it necessary. Bread can be eaten in different forms because the Bible isn't specific of the kind of bread. Wine can be mixed with water or be grape juice. Some churches had to stop using wine because people were coming for the alcohol only. Ancient wine was used as a preservative for the grapes and it was much weaker, than today's wine. The way of receiving it can vary by dipping the bread in the juice, or in individual small cups. Communion also offers the opportunity to Commune with God. Our church encourages kneeling and talking with Him for as long as one feels the need after receiving Communion.

In our second reading, 1 Corinthians 11:23-32, Paul gives instructions on the ritual of Communion. By Communion, our bodies our powered physically and spiritually. Our founder, John Wesley, refers to it as a "Means of Grace." Jesus gives it to us as a reminder that He died for us. Communion prepares us for Heaven in a new body. It announces His death until He comes again. Communion gives us the opportunity to examine ourselves and to look inward. If we are not serious about Communion and about Jesus, and others, then we must confess so we can have the body of Christ within us.

We urge you to read the scriptures read Sunday, Mark 14:17-26 and 1 Corinthians 11:23-32. Our hymns were The Beautiful Garden of Prayer, Spirit of the Living God, and Were You There.

We hope to see you Sunday at 11.


Eminence Assembly of God


Mt. View Baptist


Faith Tabernacle Bibleway Assembly

Update church number For a ride from Eminence and Winona call 573-604-0800


Area Church News



West Eminence Christian Church

Fellowship Tabernacle, West Eminence

Women of Faith

Winona Assembly of God

Winona Baptist 

August 26, 2018

The past month I've taken a leap of faith and I have been doing a daily devotion. I've prayed that God would pour out his blessing on our church, and we are seeing people volunteering time, unexpected finances coming in. It's nothing I've done, I give God all the glory for it. All I've done is obey God's call on my life. God has brought unity to our church that we have never had before. If we listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying, we will see a change in our church and our community. I challenge each one of our church family to take a leap of faith and you will be amazed at what God can do in our church. Thank you Jesus. Thanks to Paul & Kathy for our new signs at church. God bless. Please pray for Nick & Gail, our church, nation, schools, police officers, and pray for one another.

Whenever we are tempted to throw up our hands in defeat, remind us that you are always with us, holding us up, until the work is done. We are part of your body and together we plant the seeds. You will send the rain and ensure the harvest.

Our prayers go out to Larry Mauldin's family. His mom, Bessie, called me after I got to church this morning and said Larry passed away. So please keep all the family in prayer. Always tell your family you love them. Tomorrow may be too late. We have no promise of tomorrow. Larry was working in Texas. To my church family, sorry I had to leave on such short notice.

Bro Nick's message today was 10 promises from God. Nick, sorry if I mess up your message, I will do the best I can with your notes. I Cor. 8:1-13 God will give all knowledge as needed. By our very example, we cause non-believers to stumble, or to continue to trust in God. Romans 14:15-20 We can be a stumbling block for others in what we do. 14:12 So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.

Ten Promises:

1) I will never leave you. Hebrews 13:5

2) I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

3) I will strengthen you. Isaiah 4:11

4) I will answer you. Jeremiah 33:3

5) I will bless you. Hebrews 6

6) I will not fail you. I Cor. 28:20

7) I will provide for you. 2 Cor. 9:8

8) I will love you. Jeremiah 31:3

9) I am for you. Romans 8:3

10) I will direct your steps. Proverbs 3:5-6

Love is not what you say. Love is what you do. Happy birthday Eula Reed & Rosie Barnett, Sept. 4, Trinity Norris, Sept. 5, Glenda McAfee, Sept. 8. Wish you all many more. Sunday school 10 a.m. Worship service 11 a.m. Have a blessed week. God bless.


Ladies Fill My Cup Fellowship

Winona Christian Church



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